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Returns & Refunds

If your item is received in a condition other than described, you are likley covered, the procedure is outlined below.


1. Within 3 days of receiving the product contact us with a photo or video explaining the issue and whether you want a refund or replacement.

2. We will review the claim and contact you if we need more information.

3.If Approved, we will refund or resend the item, you may also be asked to return the product.

Will I need to send the item back to  

Only high value products need to be returned, if it is not high value then you do not need to return it and can keep the faulty product. Typically Smartphone’s, tablets and other expensive products are classed as high value. If we ask you to return the product we will discuss with you the most cost effective way to return ship it to us and give you full instructions including our address. You will receive your full/partial refund once we receive and check the product.

Product Warranty If you encounter quality issues within the warranty period you will be covered. Every product has a specific warranty period. If it is not stated in the product listing, contact us. The procedure is listed below.




1. Make a video or photo showing the issue & email
2. We will Contact you for more information or give you a response about your claim within 2 Business days.
3. We will likely need you to send the products back to us; if it is covered under our Guarantee, we will pay shipping for the products we ship to you and the shipping cost you incurred to send to us so keep your receipt.

   Registration Terms - If you fill in the wrong customer shipping address, you should bear 99% of the liability. If you have used the wrong address contact us as soon as you realize as once it is shipped we cannot change it.

3 Day Return To Us Follow these steps


If you receive a product and it is in good condition but are unhappy with it we can offer a partial refund. We will refund the price minus the shipping charges incurred by us. Damaged or worn products will not be accepted and all original packaging must be included in a new condition. You will also have to pay the shipping fee to send it back to us. The international shipping fee can be high so we don't offer a full refund. Sometimes the shipping cost can be larger than the cost of the item, sometimes it is not economically worth the cost to return. Contact us-

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