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Just like the other terms and conditions of our website, we assume that you agree with our Privacy Policy when you use our website. The privacy policy of is attached to every user profile and every single purchase by the customers. The clients who purchase our products must accept all the clauses mentioned in our privacy policy.

Azubashoppee has a very strict privacy policy that implements the best safety and security of your private data. The information provided by you is kept highly confidential and can be accessed only by our staff to carry out assistance programs for you. Apart from that, third parties may share your personal information but only after your permission is sought. In case of any violation of cyber laws or any other Indian law, involving your user account, we may hand over your data for investigation, with your prior permission. We take sole responsibility of owning all kinds of information collected by us through forms on this website and we guarantee that we shall never sell, share or lend information provided by you, to any other party. Information sent by you, needs the activation of cookies on your browser. has the authority of using the data provided by you and we shall collect, store and use your personal information for providing you with our services. The information may be used to process orders, process membership registration, provide assistance on your queries, inform you about promotional offers, identify you on our forums and verify your identity with our payment partners.

Data that we may collect include your email address, password, nickname, IP address, browser information, date and time of use, URL requested by you, PayPal account information, shipping address and other important information related to your identity and membership. Azubashoppee requires this information for purposes like deliver, order confirmation, payment verification, etc. Besides, we may also use such data for monitoring the statistics of our website, customer experience and contacting you for the latest special offers. However, you will be asked for permission before we contact you about sales, promotional offers, new features and new products. To discontinue receiving our newsletter, you can click the unsubscribe link.

We may collect your IP address, browser information, operation system information and the URL requested by you. This will be done while you browse our website. When you place an order on our website, we shall collect your email address, passwords, nickname, IP address, requested URL, PayPal user account information and also your shipping address.

We also have our privacy policy extended for our partners. We may collect information like phone number, website, MSN, Facebook Page and your online URL for reviews and testimonials. Azubashoppee has a tightly secure system for storing both online and offline information to ensure complete protection of the information provided by you. It is still expected from you that you will keep confidential, the information like your username and password related to your user account. We make sure to store your personal information secure and private but we shall not be responsible for any breach of security by any third party. We confirm that you have the right to view, update and correct the information provided by you on our website. You can easily access your personal information by logging on to your account on or contact us through email at

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